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This is the Betfair Trading Information page for Monday 20th Oct 2014.

This page shows betting info from the exchanges. You can see steamers and drifters, weight of money and win and place price disparities. The information can be used for backing or laying bets on the exchanges.

Race Date: Since: Overnight Morning Last Hour
Max Rows: Price Range: to
Show: Expired Races Steamers Drifters Weight of Money Price / Volume Win / Place

Betfair Price Information Summary Updated: Mon 05:22

Total Matched on all flat horse races: £41,761
Total Matched since this morning: £0
Total Matched in the last hour: £1,647
Out of 161 horses running today 60 (37%) have had £100 or more matched

Steamers - Change in Betfair Price since market opened

Note: Steamers report is not yet accurate as it does not yet take into consideration reduction factors in the case of non runners.

5:20WinNam Hai(IRE)7.28789.8106.49.460.76
2:10PonSecret Lightning(FR)8.479.417.55.611.080.76
1:50WinAnonymous John(IRE)2.184162.223.31.772.850.76

Drifters - Change in Betfair Price since market opened

4:10PonDj Gerry11011.771101.7747.932.3

Weight of Money - Matched since market opened

RaceHorsePriceTotal Matched%Morning%Last Hour%
4:20WinLunar Spirit3.8551913.200171.0
3:10PonJack Luey1137919.100201.2

Price / Volume Matched Disparity

RaceHorsePriceTot MatchRace Match%Imp PricePr/VolPr
3:10PonJack Luey113791583764.91.547.1
5:20WinNam Hai(IRE)7.2878221439.72.522.9

Win / Place Price Disparity

RaceHorseWin PricePlc PriceWin MatchPlc MatchWin / Place
2:10PonSecret Lightning(FR)8.44.9701.9
1:50WinAnonymous John(IRE)2.181.6416102.0
5:20WinKudu Country(IRE)8.63.4515003.1

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Note: The Betfair Price information shown on this page is not live. Prices are updated every 30 minutes overnight, every 10 minutes from mid morning, and every 2-5 minutes whilst racing is taking place. We do not display in running information. The final price shown will be the price available to back from around the last few minutes before the event closed. This information is provided as a guide only.

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