Overall Resplendent Light was top rated with a forecast price of 5/1

Ratings 33/1 Winner!

18th May 2012
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Once again the FlatStats ratings find a big priced winner. Top rated Resplendent Light wins at Newbury at 33/1 SP and nearly twice that at Betfair SP.

Resplendent Light was totally unfancied in the market for the Events Bar Management Handicap at Newbury and yet the ratings determined that he was the best value and made him top rated.

How The Ratings Picked The Complete Outsider

The jockey was a bit of an unknown, and the draw was not ideal, but the ratings formula had homed in on the good EPS score and spotted the fact that the trainer is turning out to be a value trainer to follow. Overall Resplendent Light was top rated with a forecast price of 5/1.

Resplendent Light was not the only winner for the ratings today. In total the top rated horse won 8 out of the 35 races:

  • Newbury
    Resplendent Light 33/1
    Swiss Spirit 7/4f
    Lady Rosamunde 9/2 (Apprentice Race)
  • Newcastle
    All On Red 4/7f
    Pokfulham 11/4
  • Hamilton
    Galacian 4/1
    Fortieth And Fifth 10/11f
    Hopes N Dreams 11/10f

Putting £1 on every top rated horse today at SP, Betfair SP and the Tote returned the following profits:

Bet£1 (ROI%)
SP£21.58 (62%)
Betfair SP£49.24 (141%)
Tote£46.60 (133%)

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Article created 18-May-12. Stats may have changed since.

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