If this bet was placed with the bookies the return would have been less

The £1 Each Way Yankee Bet

19th May 2012
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Whilst the FlatStats ratings find the odd big priced winner the majority of top rated winners are from the top end of the market. These horses win at a rate similar to favourites but tend to pay better prices and thus they can be value bets.

You can choose to back these top rated horses singly but on days like today, with 30+ races, you can cherry pick the best horses and place them in a multiple bet. Doing so will compound any positive edge and should give a much better return in the long run.

Earlier today I placed a simple £1 each way Yankee Bet on Betfair via their Multiples market. Four horses were selected from the best of the ratings / the most suited to an each way Yankee. All four horses won and the return was just under a grand.

Betfair Multiple Bet: £1 Each Way Yankee Bet

One Pound Each Way Yankee Bet

This shows just the win and place returns for the four horse accumulator. A Yankee also consists of doubles and trebles. Adding all up the return was £941.20 netting a profit of £919.20.

Betfair Advantage

If this bet was placed with the bookies the return would have been less. That £1 Each Way Yankee placed with the bookies would have netted a profit of £836.66, which is about 11% less than the Betfair net profit. But note that some bookies such as Betfred pay a 15% bonus for an all correct Yankee. As all four won Betfred would have paid the bonus resulting in a net profit of £962.16.

In general Betfair Multiples will tend to pay more than a bookie placed multiple - even ones that gives bonuses. Another advantage of using Betfair for multiple bets is that winnings are not subject to Betfair's Premium Charge.

You also gain Betfair Points with multiples. Those points can help reduce your commission level on standard win markets. The above Yankee earned 460 points. If your are more accustomed to staking £10 each way Yankees this bet would have earned you 4600 Betfair points - enough to move you down a few rungs on the commission level ladder.

Yankees: Playing the Long Game

You won't get results like this every day. The chances of getting four winners up on a Yankee are slim and gets slimmer as the odds get longer. You have to grind out these bets and play for the long game.

Using FlatStats Ratings will make this task easier. You should be able to identify the best value horses and include them in your multiple bet. Captain Cat and Al Muheer were identified as outstanding bets because they had a high points difference between the top and the second rated (found using the Ratings Extra page).

Why not Subscribe Today and start using the FlatStats ratings. They are easy to use and identify many winners each week.

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