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This article was written in 2003. Some information may no longer be relevant!

For a more upto date article please read our Horse Racing Systems Guide or why not just go straight to our Racing System Builder and start testing your own systems.

When following systems you should never rely on just one or two golden geese to lay golden eggs. It is far better to treat horse racing systems like trading on the stock market and keep a portfolio of diverse systems.

No sensible stock market investor would buy shares in just one company, and no sensible system follower should rely on just one system. If you just follow one system you are leaving yourself open to bad losing streaks which can deplete your bank and dent your confidence in a system.

It is far better to run many systems all at the same time. Doing so will iron out any fluctuations in performance.

The following portfolio of free horse racing systems can be used the whole year round on the flat turf and the all weather.

Horse Racing Systems for the Turf

2nd Favourites at Grade 1 Courses System
System RulesBack all 2nd favourites in Selling and Claiming races at Ascot, Epsom, Goodwood, Newbury, Sandown, York
Initial Results25% strike rate, 17% profit

Punters are not used to lowly sellers and claimers at the very best courses. They overbet the favourite and sometimes create false favourites. The second favourite is thus underbet and pushed into profitability.

Bookies have to balance their books and with all the weight of money on the favourite, the price of the other horses tend to lengthen. The second favourite is the 'second best' horse in the race. If his price is higher than it should be, then in the long run he is valuable to follow.

Beaten Favourites System
System RulesBack beaten favourites in Novice races. Horse must be fancied (in the top third of the betting) and not up in class
Initial Results53% strike rate, 29% profit

Beaten favourites are generally underbet by the public. Punters see that they were beaten last time when favourite and assume that he could be beaten again today.

Next Day Runners System
System RulesBack horses which ran yesterday and are favourite today
Initial Results40% strike rate, 29% profit

Punters are seriously underbetting this kind of horse. All next day runners do not make a profit. But those who are favourite win as often as a regular favourite but have the added advantage of being fit and strongly fancied by connections. The odds available for them is higher than it should be, thus a value bet can be had.

Horse Racing Systems for the All Weather

The follow systems can be used on all weather racecourses in Britain.

Quick Return Handicaps System
System RulesBack colts and geldings which last ran within 3 days. Must have won within the past 4 weeks and SP in single figures
Initial Results35% strike rate, 43% profit

a) Males hold a big advantage over females, b) turning out quickly on the sand is a huge positive, c) by insisting the horse has won within 4 weeks shows he has winning ability, d) single figure SP ensures that the contender is no donkey, or is not taking a big rise in class.

Quick Return Stakes System
System RulesStakes races (not maiden), horse last ran within 3 days, 10 runners or less, the favourite
Initial Results57% strike rate 33% profit

Similar reasons to the handicap version - it is relying on quick returners. You could further filter for males, but most of the qualifiers are males anyway.

Favourite Colts System
System RulesBack Colts which have won within 7 days and are the favourite
Initial Results48% strike rate, 25% profit

Punters seriously underestimate the importance of a recent win and the fact that colts are the best gender on the all weather. This favourite is very much underbet by form punters and media pundits.

6yo in Selling Stakes System
System RulesBack 6yo's in middle and long distance selling stakes in January. (Works best with contenders who are within the first three in the betting)
Initial Results62% strike rate, 112% profit

There is a flaw in the weight for age scale. On the 1st of January all horses are one year older. In this month there are peculiarities which creates biases to certain age groups. 6yo's in selling stakes are one such advantaged group.

Recent Winners System
System RulesClass D-E Handicaps (not 3yo+), winner LTO within 7 days, age < 6, penalty 4-7lbs, distance < 10f
Initial Results42% strike rate, 27% profit

On turf as well as the all weather the penalty system is not penal enough. Trying to stop a winning horse with extra weight is like King Canute trying to stop the tide coming in. Note that it was found that most recent winners did well including those who were not carrying a penalty. This includes recent winners of Apprentice races.

CD Top weights System
System RulesBack Course and Distance (CD) winners who are top weight in Claimers and Sellers at 10f or more
Initial Results47% strike rate, 30% profit

Punters underestimate the chances of CD top weights in those races. Most of the contenders are serial sand winners and punters refuse to bet them because they think a) the horse has won enough races, b) the horse is running in a seller or claimer so the connections can not fancy it if they risk it being bought. This is wrong. The serial CD winner in these races keeps on winning and beating the lower weighted runners.

The provision of 10f+ is to ensure that the 'CD' has more meaning. The longer the race, the more the advantage of having won over the course and distance.

The Latest Horse Racing Systems Results

The results from all of these systems are updated each day on FlatStats. You can see the results for backing all the above systems since they first 'went live' here:

Horse Racing Systems - Turf Results
Horse Racing Systems - All Weather Results

The Daily Systems Sheet

If you want to follow any or all of the above free horse racing systems then just look out for contenders which match the exact rules.

If you do not have time to scan the racecards then let the FlatStats Daily Systems Sheet inform you when there are contenders.

The daily systems sheet scans the racecards everyday looking for these free horse racing systems and dozens more from the FlatStats portfolio of racing systems.

Daily Systems Sheet

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Article created 2003. Stats may have changed since.

Free Horse Racing Systems for Turf and All Weather

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    The free system tips can be found here:

    Free Horse Racing Systems Tips

    If you want traditional 'tips' rather than systems then try the Betting Action section on the forum. You need to register in order to read them but it is free!

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