What is the Flatstats System Builder?

July 31, 2010

The Flatstats System Builder allows you to access the Flatstats horse racing database in order to create, test, and analyse horse racing systems.

The system builder has a very user friendly interface, which allows for powerful system rules to be created. You can create rules for over 500 different types of data, and you can configure the system reports in any way that you want.

The reports are generated very quickly and can be viewed on any computer, anywhere: at home, at work, or on a web browsing mobile device.

Unlike other system builders you do not have to load any software, have a fast computer, or pay for updates. The number crunching is all done on our web servers and is available to you wherever and whenever you want.

Once you have created your system, and you are happy with the results you can set the system to alert you when there are contenders for the system. Each day our alerts database will scan the racecards and let you know when one of your system bet horses is running.

Category: Introduction

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