Checking Today's Single Ride Jockeys

September 6, 2010

This is an old chestnut type system: Back jockeys having just one ride today.

The system is based on the premise that the jockey would not get out of bed for just one ride - he or she would not travel to the course just for one riding fee.

Of course, as is the case with most old chestnut systems, it just doesn't work. You can check this yourself via the system builder:

System Builder Page

To check this system you need to configure the report to show:

Jockey Mounts (Day) is 1

To do this click on the (MISC) button, choose Jockey Mounts (Day) and enter 1 in the value box. If you do this you should see two rules on the system form:

Type (Rider) = Ordinary (Exclude Amatr, App, Lady Races) AND
Jockey Mounts (Day) = 1

Now click on Full Report button and you will see that the results are around 7% strike rate, 35% loss!

Checking all of Today's Single Ride Jockeys

Each of the main daily information pages has a checkbox for showing Meetings Summary information. If you check this box you will see a panel showing useful information about today's racing such as which meeting has the best prize money, which is the richest race, jockeys who have the most rides today, and a list of professional (non claiming) jockeys having just one ride today.

Today there are 15 jockeys having just one ride. Are they all bad under this condition? Are some actually profitable?

A quick way to find out is to paste the list of jockeys into the System Builder!

Highlight your mouse over the list of jockeys and 'Copy' the text. You can do this by either right clicking your mouse over the highlighted text, pressing Ctrl-C on your keyboard, or by clicking on your browsers Edit toolbar and choosing copy.

Single Ride Jockeys

Next add a rule for jockey name. Click on the (NAME) button, choose Jockey and then paste the list into the value box (clicking the value box, press the right mouse button and choose paste, or press Ctrl-V). Now you should have three rules:

Jockeys having just one ride in a day

Click on the Full Report button once again you will see poor overall results.

But wait! The report can list the record of each individual jockey. It is thus possible to see how well A Mullen, G Baker, K Fallon perform when having just one ride per day.

To see this you may need to configure your Report Settings to show the jockeys table in the report. To do this:

  1. Click on the Reports Configure button
  2. Scroll down the list of categories and find the Jockey bar (not jockey gender, jockey course wins - the bar which says Jockey)
  3. Click on the Jockey bar and drag it up the top of the list. Once it is above the red 'Do Not Include In Report all Below:' bar drop it and then press the Save Settings button

If you now generate the Full Report you will see the record of each of the jockeys in the list. As of today the best jockeys are:

Martin Dwyer 14% strike rate, 31% profit
Greg Fairley 11% strike rate, 12% profit
K Fallon 31% strike rate, 2% profit

whilst the worst jockeys as of today are:

Paul Eddery 4% strike rate, 57% loss
N Chalmers 4% strike rate, 55% loss
A Mullen 5% strike rate, 52% loss

Trouble with Pasting the List?

If you receive an error when pasting the list of runners into the value box make sure you only copied the names of the jockeys and the commas and spaces in between. If your mouse has also copied any text outside of that area it may have copied codes which the system builder has not recognised. Try dragging your mouse over the list of jockeys again and ensure that the text to be copied is just the list of jockeys.



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