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This page shows horse racing tips for today's racing. The tips include the best value favourite of the day, best draw bias, best trainer and jockey combination, and the most in form trainer.

The racing tips are available from around 10:15am each morning with a further update at around 13:15pm. For more inforamtion about this page please view the help panel

Previous Tips

Horse Racing Tips for Thursday 30 Oct 2014 (Updated 13:18)
Best Value FavouriteLeonard Thomas 2:20L, New Colours 4:30K, Hidden Gold 3:20L
Best Draw IndexN/A
Best T/J ComboEve Johnson Houghton/John Fahy, J C Fox/K T O'Neill, R Guest/C Catlin
Hottest TrainerEd Walker, M Wigham, J A Osborne

Horse Racing Tips for Sunday 19 Oct 2014 (Updated 13:18)
Best Value FavouriteGharaaneej 2:00B
Best Draw IndexN/A
Best T/J ComboW J Haggas/J Fanning, J G M O'Shea/Luke Morris, George Baker/P Cosgrave
Hottest TrainerEd Walker, C Hills, C G Cox

Horse Racing Tips for Saturday 25 Oct 2014 (Updated 13:18)
Best Value FavouriteBellajeu 4:05N, Azagal 4:40N, Can't Change It 5:30D
Best Draw IndexLow (+57) 4:25D
Best T/J ComboA Bailey/Tim Clark, D K Ivory/R Winston, Ed Walker/G Baker
Hottest TrainerEd Walker, M Wigham, C Hills

Disclaimer: The stats may have shown profitability in the past but there is no guarantee that they will do so in the future.
This information is liable to change if there is a change to the racecards. A jockey change, going change, or a non runner may impact this list.

Comments on Horse Racing Tips

  • Comments from Tom Haverford
    • Mon 14th Apr 2014 12:58
    • Tom Haverford

    What time are the tips given out?

  • Comments from Pittsburgh Phil
    • Mon 14th Apr 2014 13:03
    • Pittsburgh Phil

    Usually the information is available 3hrs before the first race with an update around 1hr before the first race.

    It depends on the time of year though as in the winter the first race can be at midday whilst in the summer the first race can be around 2pm.

  • Comments from ed
    • Wed 6th Aug 2014 13:39
    • ed

    Why do the Best Value Favs change after the update?

  • Comments from Pittsburgh Phil
    • Wed 6th Aug 2014 13:56
    • Pittsburgh Phil


    This happens for two reasons. The first is that a favourite in the morning may not be favourite later in the day. The second is that the ratings can change during the day if there is a change to the racecards, such as a going change, jockey change or non runner.

    We check for the Best Value Favourites twice a day. During the summer months they are checked around 11:15 and then again at 13:15. So sometimes there may be a difference from mid morning to afternoon.

    You can read more about the timings we use and you can also download a CSV file of all Best Value Favourites and the times they are processed here:

    What Is the Best Value Favourite

    CSV Download Data for Best Value Favourites

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