• Comments from William
    • Tue 19th Aug 2014 21:25
    • William

    How do you know if you have a static or dynamic IP address,

  • Comments from Pittsburgh Phil
    • Fri 22nd Aug 2014 10:22
    • Pittsburgh Phil

    William, if your ISP has a user control panel / online billing feature then login to that and look for something like 'account type'. This will either state Dynamic or Static.

    If you are using paper billing then there should be something on ther to state the address type.

    If you still can not find it the best thing to do is to call and ask them.

    You can monitor your IP address via whatismyipaddress type websites but this is not accurate as even though you may have a dynamic address (which should change) the hardware may not actually change your IP for days or weeks. You have to do things to force a change but that gets a bit technical.

  • Comments from David
    • Wed 27th Aug 2014 12:03
    • David

    What if i were to open and use a new account purely over mobile 3g on a new sim card? Surely then their would be no way to track me or link me to my old account for a while? presuming all my details were different

  • Comments from Pittsburgh Phil
    • Wed 27th Aug 2014 12:21
    • Pittsburgh Phil


    Yes that would work for a short time but the details would have to be totally different - no same name, no same address.

    They do use other tracking methods to identify you though, such as through the use of third party tracking mechanisms so it will only be a matter of time until they link the accounts.

    One other point: check the small print. You may find that the bookmakers terms and conditions gives them the right to foreit any wins and refund any outstanding bets if they consider your account to be linked to a previous banned or restricted user.

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