Free Systems - Ten Winners On The Trot

Free Systems - Ten Winners On The Trot

Free Systems Page Spectacular Results

The FlatStats free systems page found ten consecutive winners. That is quite impressive considering that some of the systems have strike rates as l ...

Free Systems Spectacular

Today's All Weather Meetings

Kempton JockeysTrainersSires

Best Value JockeysWinsRunsWin%A/EROI%
John Fahy4233313%1.2220%
David Probert8871512%1.040%
T E Durcan7249714%1.04-18%
Jockeys Stats for Kempton
Best Value TrainersWinsRunsWin%A/EROI%
I Mohammed74018%1.53-32%
Ian Williams3418518%1.242%
C F Wall3420117%1.1716%
Trainer Stats for Kempton
Best Value SiresWinsRunsWin%A/EROI%
Rail Link177722%1.3525%
Champs Elysees43412%1.258%
High Chaparral(IRE)2819914%1.2216%
Sire Stats for Kempton


5:40 6:10 6:40 7:10
7:40 8:10 8:40 9:10

Highest Rated
6:10 Semaral(IRE)
Kempton Ratings
Best Draw Range
7:40 Low +18
Kempton Draw Biases
Best Trainers For Quick Returning

Best Trainers For Quick Returning

Finding the very best trainer quick return stats

Some trainers are better than others with quick returning horses. Presumably this is because they are better at race planning.

Quick Returners

Chester Low Drawn Runners

Chester Low Drawn Runners

Punters underestimating the strong low draw bias

The low draws are still profitable and if this year is anything to go by they are still very profitable.

Chester Low Drawn Runners

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Free Horse Racing Systems

Photo Finish

Tight Finish Stats

Which racecourse produces the most tight finishes?

The photo finish judge is busy at some courses.
See which courses produce the most tight finishes

Tight Finish Stats

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