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Some jockeys do not take to the all weather and thus have weak stats. When they return to a turf course their performance improves and yet punters may assume that the jockey is not good value. Of course this thinking is flawed, as there indeed jockeys that perform much better on turf than on all weather.

The table shows the record of jockeys on the turf compared with all weather. The A/E 'value' stat is used and the A/E for the turf is divided by the A/E for the all weather to produce a ratio. If this figure is above 1.00 then the jockey is better value on the turf compared to the all weather.

You can set thresholds for the table but it is advisable to just use the defaults. Lower the thresholds if you want to test jockeys such as apprentices, who may not have had many runs on either surface.

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Jockey Turf to All Weather A/E Ratio

JockeyTurf A/EAW A/ERatio
Jack Duern1.070.781.37
D Fox1.030.771.34
Hadden Frost1.150.871.32
Ryan Tate0.990.761.30
Ryan Clark1.040.821.27
F Lynch0.940.761.24
Richard Evans0.740.601.23
T Atkinson0.690.561.23
S Drowne0.860.701.23
A Elliott0.930.761.22
Simon Pearce0.850.701.21
Amy Ryan0.910.751.21
P Pickard0.910.751.21
T Hamilton0.800.661.21
M Barzalona0.980.821.20
D E Egan0.940.791.19
D Nolan0.880.741.19
M Halford0.890.761.17
A Quinn0.900.771.17
Liam Jones0.930.801.16
Martin Lane0.860.741.16
P Hanagan0.880.761.16
M O'Connell0.900.791.14
Kieren Fox0.950.841.13
Declan Cannon0.870.771.13
T P Queally0.910.811.12
J Fortune0.840.751.12
N Alison1.050.941.12
G Lee0.890.801.11
A Carter1.010.911.11
F Norton0.950.861.10
K Fallon0.890.811.10
Sean Levey0.920.841.10
S De Sousa1.040.951.09
Hayley Turner0.880.811.09
P Dobbs0.890.821.09
Saleem Golam0.770.711.08
Martin Dwyer0.910.841.08
B Doyle0.950.881.08
Frederik Tylicki0.980.911.08
Andrea Atzeni0.990.921.08
P McDonald0.900.841.07
Julie Burke0.940.881.07
David Probert0.960.901.07
L Keniry0.850.801.06
R Hughes0.940.891.06
T G McLaughlin0.840.801.05
W A Carson0.860.821.05
Adam Beschizza0.860.821.05
Catherine Gannon0.900.861.05
R Winston0.950.911.04
Raul Da Silva1.020.981.04
T P O'Shea0.810.781.04
D Sweeney0.840.811.04
M Stainton0.860.831.04
P Mulrennan0.870.841.04
S Sanders0.890.861.03
J Mackay0.710.691.03
J-P Guillambert0.850.831.02
C Catlin0.820.811.01
R Kennemore0.820.811.01
Ryan Powell0.850.841.01
D Allan0.860.851.01
Natalia Gemelova1.000.991.01
William Buick0.930.931.00
J Doyle0.920.921.00
S J Craine0.730.731.00
Michael J M Murphy0.890.891.00
Jack Mitchell0.970.980.99
D Tudhope0.960.970.99
George Chaloner0.900.910.99
K T O'Neill0.850.860.99
J F Egan0.920.940.98
Dane O'Neill0.820.840.98
N Mackay0.810.830.98
Jim Crowley0.930.960.97
G Gibbons0.920.950.97
J Fanning0.910.940.97
Harry Bentley0.900.930.97
A Kirby0.890.920.97
R Havlin0.790.820.96
J Quinn0.760.790.96
R Kingscote0.961.000.96
Kelly Harrison0.700.730.96
M Harley0.900.940.96
G Baker0.930.980.95
D Fentiman0.720.760.95
J F McDonald0.700.740.95
S W Kelly0.800.850.94
Dale Gibson0.620.660.94
Kirsty Milczarek0.900.960.94
J P Spencer0.860.930.92
P Mathers0.780.850.92
R Thomas0.780.850.92
R Ffrench0.760.830.92
D Swift0.840.920.91
Mr S Walker0.931.020.91
Louis Steward0.900.990.91
James P Sullivan0.770.850.91
Oisin Murphy0.931.030.90
R L Moore0.890.990.90
R Fitzpatrick0.860.970.89
T Eaves0.780.880.89
A Nicholls0.820.940.87
A Mullen0.750.860.87
P Cosgrave0.810.930.87
L Dettori0.871.000.87
B McHugh0.800.920.87
S J Donohoe0.800.920.87
Luke Morris0.740.860.86
N Callan0.861.000.86
L Topliss0.830.980.85
P Donaghy0.600.710.85
P Makin0.841.000.84
S Hitchcott0.650.780.83
Robert Tart0.800.980.82
Danny Brock1.171.440.81
P Aspell0.630.780.81
T E Durcan0.821.050.78
John Fahy0.710.910.78
Ross Atkinson0.670.870.77
Thomas Brown0.871.130.77
Billy Cray0.740.980.76
M Coumbe0.580.770.75
Matthew Cosham0.730.980.74
William Twiston-Davies0.570.790.72

Thresholds are for both codes. If wins threshold is set to 20 then the jockey must have had at least 20 winners on turf and at least 20 winners on the all weather to be included.
Data obtained from flat turf and all weather races from 16-Sep-2004 to 16-Sep-2014.

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