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Winners-Runners Stat

Postby Pittsburgh Phil » Mon Feb 20, 2012 4:52 pm

What is the difference between the Winners-Runners and Wins-Runs Stats?

The classic Wins-Runs stats is the number of wins compared to the number of runs a name has had. e.g.

Sire Royal Applause on the all weather is 210-2389
This means the sire's offspring have run a total of 2389 times and won 210 times. The strike rate for this is 8.8%

The sire's Winners-Runners stat is totally different. This is a figure, which shows what percentage of a sire's offspring have won races.

You can see this stat on the Flatstats sire stats pop up window under the figures for Total Individual Runners, Total Unique Winners. For sire Royal Applause the figures are:

Total Individual Runners: 392
Total Unique Winners: 126 (32.1%)

These are the Winners-Runners figures. They indicate Royal Applause has had 392 individual offspring (he is the dad to 392 horses that have run on the AW), and that of his 392 sons and daughters that have run 126 (32.1%) of them have won at least one race.

Note that other sites may show figures differently to the above. This will be because a) 10 years of stats are available on this site (others may only show the last 5 years, or go back 20 years), b) other sites may include overseas races such as races in Ireland.

Trainers and Jockeys Winners-Runners
This site also shows the Winners-Runners record for Trainers and Jockeys. You can instantly see which trainers are good at getting winners from most of their yard, and which jockeys are good at getting winners from different horses.

Trainer M L W Bell has a Winners-Runners record of 73-260 (28.1%)
This means that of the 260 individual horse he has run on the AW 73 of them (28.1%) won at least one race.

Trainer S R Bowring has a Winners-Runners record of 31-84 (36.9%)
He has a better record than M L W Bell in that more than a third of the horses in his yard won at least one race.

Jockey Martin Lane has a Winners-Runners record of 50-474 (10.5%)
This means that he has ridden on 474 different horses on the AW. Of those 474 different horses he won on 50 of them (10.5%)

Jockey J P Spencer has a Winners-Runners record of 375-1505 (24.9%)
This means that of the 1505 individual horses he has ridden he was victorious on a quarter of them.

Wins-Runs shows the basic record of all winners to all runners. From these figures you have the strike rate, which is the classic stat used by the majority of punters and pundits.

Winners-Runners shows the record of a name with individual or unique horses. It is mostly used for pedigree analysis but can also be used to see which trainers and jockeys are the most effective with individual horses.

Sire Stats
Trainer Stats
Jockey Stats

Stats Guide - How to use Wins, Runs, Strike Rate and A/E figures
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