Bill Benter - Things to read and watch this weekend

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Bill Benter - Things to read and watch this weekend

Postby Pittsburgh Phil » Thu Dec 22, 2005 6:03 pm

Forget the Christmas episodes of Little Britain, Eastenders an Ant 'n Dec, put down that copy of Sir Mark Prescott's Greatest Cigars book you will get as a present, and turn off King Kong on your kid's Xbox 360 and spend the holidays reading about Bill Benter instead.

Bill who?

Bill Benter.

Bill Benter is the most successful horse racing player in modern times (Pitts. Phil circa 1890 is always the greatest _s_a2 )

Benter has developed a program which consistently picks winners at value prices. A few years ago his flat rate ROI on every race was a crazy 24% :o . Using his program at Hong Kong he was placing bets of a quarter of a million US $ in every race. With 600 races a year at Hong Kong just work out how much money this guy was making.

Here's some more info on Bill Benter.

The Winning Edge - A punter's program makes millions trackside
By Yulanda Chung Hong Kong (Asia Week dot Com) ... uting.html

Here's a windows video showing Bill Benter's presentation at the International Congress of Chinese Mathematicians last year. The file is about 100Mb so only download if you have broadband: ... pt04Ex.wmv


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re: Bill Benter - Things to read and watch this weekend

Postby 0909dylan » Thu Dec 22, 2005 6:44 pm

Phil,It sounds like the same man SmartSig had an article about a couple of years ago.If its the same man he used to hire the best room in the best hotel in Hong Kong for about 3 months and place his bets via his laptop.I think he claimed 90% of the REAL PROFITS came from winning BIG on some of the very exotic bets that they have there.I think they have bets where you have to place the first 6 (for example) IN ORDER :roll: As you can imagine when you get that right you win very big indeed.At one time he was losing and I remember he said he realized he was having FUN BETS of £10,000 each and losing because he was not following his rules.A lesson for us all.
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re: Bill Benter - Things to read and watch this weekend

Postby Miles Ahead » Thu Dec 22, 2005 7:17 pm

Cheers Phil, Great reading! I could say more but can't find the words! :shock:

I skipped through the last story :? I had a deck of cards from Betfair today and can't even play Snap!
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re: Bill Benter - Things to read and watch this weekend

Postby vcamrn » Fri Dec 23, 2005 2:05 pm

For those of you who are mathematically minded and care about money management, check out the following links:-

Kelly Formula Calculator (link no longer available)

Mathematics of Gambling

Risk Management

Martingale System

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