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If you are having difficulty logging in to the FlatStats members area use this page to remind yourself of your username or change your password if you have forgotten it.

Before you reset your password please check the following:

Are you are using the correct username?

The FlatStats Message Board uses a different login system to the main FlatStats members area. Please ensure you are entering your correct username for the FlatStats members area.

Username and Passwords are case sensitive

Make sure your caps lock key is not on!

I Can Not Remember My Password - Let me Change it!

To reset your password please enter your email address, press submit, and then follow the instructions in the email that we will send you.

Email Address:

I Can Not Remember My Username. Please Remind Me!

To be reminded of your username please enter the email address you used to create your FlatStats account.

Email Address:

I Can Not Remember My Email Address! What Now?

Please Email Support

Hmm. I Still Can Not Login!

Have you just made a Payment?
Our subscription system will automatically authorise your account only if you used the same email address to register as you did to make a payment. If you used different email addresses then we have to manually verify who made the payment and this can cause a slight delay. If this is the case there is no need to reset your password. Please wait until you receive a confirmation email that your account is activated.

Are you blocking cookies for flatstats.co.uk?
This site uses 'cookies and sessions' to manage subscriber logins. You must ensure that cookies are enabled for this site. You can visit our Test Page to see if your cookie settings are fine.

Are you currently a FlatStats subscriber?
This page is only relevant to subscribers who do have a valid FlatStats subscriber account. If you have never subscribed to FlatStats please Subscribe Now.

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