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WinsRunsWin%Plc%A/E£1 WinROI% 
74536 13.8% 33.8%0.92£-40.74 -8% 
Data from 14-May-13 to 20-Aug-14. To see detailed stats use the Full Report 
Races Today
Oisin Murphy has 3 rides on Friday:
1:55 York: Communicator, A Balding, Oisin Murphy
3:05 York: Absolutely So(IRE), A Balding, Oisin Murphy
3:40 York: Pearl Secret, T D Barron, Oisin Murphy

Sound Bite Stats for Oisin Murphy

• Oisin Murphy is a slighlty unprofitable jockey on the turf. Backing all his runners to a £1 stake in the past 10 years has returned a loss of £-41 (-8%). His A/E value stat is above average at 0.92.

• The strike rate of 13.8% is just better than average. There has been very little change in the strike rate during the past 12 months.

• The jockey last won a race on the flat turf 6 days ago. The longest losing streak was 31 in June 2014

• The most recent biggest priced winner was with Pixeleen who won at odds of 25-1 in July 2014.

• He is slightly better on right handed courses, performs better in Scotland and is marginally better in long distance races. He does very well on softer ground.

• Oisin Murphy has won with 16% of the horses he has ridden on. 34% of his winners have come from one trainer: A Balding.

• Past 12 months minimum weight: 7st 12lbs. Minimum winning weight: 8st 2lbs.

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Grade: to
Location: Scotland North Midlands South
Direction: Straight Left Right Surface: Flat Undulating Uphill
Speed: Galloping Stiff Tight

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